Cloudpresenter delivers high quality audio and video communications alongside a wealth of tools to support your needs including –

• Switch live between webinar, collaboration and meeting modes

• Host on demand content with videos

• Powerpoint, Keynote and Presi integration

• Screen share

• Tests and Polls

• Whiteboard

• Chat

• Breakout rooms

• Tracking

• Marketing automation solutions

• 2,500 participants +

• CRM integration

• Custom branded

…plus much more.


The Cloudpresenter platform is designed and developed especially for events and meetings, video conferencing, webinars and eLearning. With the ability to switch (in real-time) between different modes, like collaboration, sharing and discussion it is ideal for one to one meetings through to events for thousands of people. Key features include the ability to host breakout sessions and host on-demand content, not to mention our internal collaboration tools for webinar delivery. Our platform provides you the ability to prepare registration and send out invites natively as well as integrations with CRM systems, tracking and multiple marketing automation solutions.



Our solution is designed to help your business save time, money and at the same time drive sustainability and environmental initiatives. We support 16 languages and include language translation for chat in over 100 languages, enabling global collaboration between teams and individuals with ease, increasing efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.


The platform is built on the highest security standards to provide a fully encrypted and data isolated service. This makes it the preferred solution for big corporate companies, where security in communication is paramount.


Cloudpresenter works without any software installations, downloads and plugins, using the latest WebRTC protocol, which is natively supported by most browsers. All you need to have is a browser and a smart device and you can organise and participate in real time meetings and webinars with a single click.