Enterprise Plan

Cloudpresenter is the ultimate workplace solution. It is where video conferencing, webinars, online meetings and virtual events all come together in one simple and powerful solution. No add-ons and no complex account upgrades for new functionality.

Bespoke solutions built for you

With an Enterprise plan you get the exact solution your organisation needs. This reflects the size of your team, how often you need to run concurrent webinars, events, or classes, how long these sessions are likely to run for, how large your audiences could be and how much online storage you will need for media, recordings, and documents.

A solution built to your exact requirements.

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Meet online

Each member of your team will have access to a simple, no download tool that allows them to collaborate online with peers and colleagues. A tool that also allows them to send one-click meeting links to external contacts, clients and prospects (who don’t need to register or download anything to join the meeting).

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Host events online

The exact same platform can also be used to host branded online meetings and webinars with multiple presenters to audiences from 2 to 10,000 invitees. The platform allows you to easily give different permissions to attendees (audience or presenter) at invite stage, with branded registration, polling, moderated Q&A, whiteboard and in-event chat, for a professional, engaging and hassle-free event.

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Be secure from anywhere online

Cloudpresenter is a secure, robust and high-quality conferencing, meeting and webinar software solution that requires no download, works across all devices, and has an accompanying app (android and apple) for a powerful mobile experience.

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Enterprise for Education

All educational establishments – whether you are a school, university, college, or academy – need online provisions to connect students and teachers. With Cloudpresenter you get everything you need from one place for one-to-one meetings, small classes and larger webinars. These sessions can all run concurrently from your organisation’s one enterprise account.

Cloudpresenter comes with all the security you need to keep your organisation and community safe. Accessible from all devices with no download necessary, it is flexible and easy to use for all ages, from all locations.

When you sign-up for an enterprise plan with Cloudpresenter your organisation’s solution is built to fit your exact needs so you can run as many online classes as you need at any one time, host as many attendees as you need, brand your space to reflect your organisation and build an online meeting space for your community that does everything you need.

Enterprise for Business

Businesses need to support hybrid working, virtual meetings, webinars, hybrid and virtual events, remote working and video conferencing. It makes sense to have one platform and one solution that the whole business can use for everything.

With Cloudpresenter, every team member can readily use the platform at any time from any device (without downloads or installation) for all your businesses online communication needs. Whether a team meeting, 1:1’s, hybrid or virtual Town Hall webinar style events you have the ultimate in flexibility, Cloudpresenter does everything you need.