We have over 20 Years experience working in events, conference, live streaming, virtual events and web development. Working closely with our sister company Procreation, we have gained valuable insight into what makes an event successful. In turn this has also made us all too aware of the negative impact that events have had on the world around us. Our focus for the last 10 years has been in live streaming and on the virtual environment, to provide as many of the features and experiences from a real life event packaged into a simple to use communications platform.

We help our customers communications needs including one to one doctor patient consultancy, E-Learning and Training, product launches, pharmaceutical symposiums and high level Corporate AGM’s. Our secure platform is used as a training aid and presentation tool enabling our clients to reach a wider audience cost efficiently and effectively, avoiding the expense of venues, time consuming logistics, travel costs and the negative environmental impact this has on our planet.  The Cloudpresenter platform helps our customers communications needs and at the same time reduces their carbon footprint.

In addition to the Cloudpresenter platform we also supply the following complimentary services to support our clients:

• Interactive, Secure Presentation Platform
• Virtual Events
• Immersive 3D environments
• Onboarding for your event
• 24/7/365 Email support
• 24/7/365 Phone support (across event days)

• Multicam Live Streaming Solutions
• Studio Filming for Training & Sales Presentations
• In house design team
• Bespoke Microsite creation
• Transcription, Translation & Multi-Language Support
• Interviews & ancillary content creation and event filming services